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Dwight Howard traded to the Los Angeles Lakers

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

You read it people, Dwight Howard got what he wanted.

For those people already billing the Miami Heat to re-peat in the 2012-13 NBA basketball season, you better think again because after Dwight Howard was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, all of a sudden, the Heat’s trio don’t mean squat anymore.

It took four teams, 11 other players, five draft picks and countless rounds of talks over many months, but finally, the Magic decided the time was right to start over without Dwight Howard, the NBA’s best center and end a saga that has dogged the franchise for what seems like an eternity.

Howard is off to play alongside Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles, after a megadeal was worked out Thursday and completed Friday after the NBA reviewed and approved the particulars. As far as the other headliners involved, Andrew Bynum leaves the Lakers for Philadelphia and Andre Iguodala is heading to Denver. ”Are we taking a step back? Absolutely, we are,” Orlando Magic general manager Rob Hennigan said. ”But we’re taking a step back with a vision.”

The Los Angeles Lakers were set to introduce Howard later Friday…

Brooklyn Nets won’t sign Dwight Howard

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012


Well, at least that’s what it appears to be as of the moment.

The Brooklyn Nets have signed center Brook Lopez on a four-year, $61 million contract extension, effectively ending their pursuit of Orlando Magic All-Star Dwight Howard for the 2012-13 NBA basketball season.

Once Brook Lopez – the centerpiece of a package the Nets offered the Magic – signed his contract Wednesday it assured that he can’t be traded until Jan. 15 under NBA rules.

Rob Hennigan, general manager of the Orlando Magic, indicated earlier Wednesday that the franchise was unlikely to strike a deal with Brooklyn – the only team with which Dwight Howard has said he’d sign a long-term extension. “As currently constructed,” Hennigan said of talks with the Nets, “there’s not a whole lot there.”

Orlando has engaged Houston in trade talks and is still holding dialogue with the Los Angeles Lakers, but Hennigan didn’t sound to be in a rush to make a deal. After a three-team deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers fell apart this week for Dwight Howard, the Nets unsuccessfully scrambled to find a way to do a trade directly with Orlando, or perhaps even recruit additional teams at this late stage in the Lopez talks, sources said.

Hennigan said he spoke with Howard on Wednesday and didn’t rule out the chance Howard could still be on the Magic’s roster when training camp begins.

Nets president Billy King made an improved offer on…

Will Dwight Howard join Kobe and Nash in LA?

Friday, July 6th, 2012

That is a possibility.

Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash connected on the phone Monday night, discussing the parameters of a partnership for the 2012-13 NBA basketball season that would’ve once seemed so improbable.

Steve Nash had the vision of joining the Los Angeles Lakers, and Bryant told him he wanted him there. This had come together so fast, so out of nowhere, Bryant is still calculating the possibilities of pairing two of a generation’s best talents and basketball minds.

This is the kind of cordial recruiting call that Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard haven’t had, a silence existing for most of a year now. Bryant will not recruit Howard to reaffirm the Lakers as part of Howard’s list of teams that he’s willing to accept a trade and sign a long-term extension. For several reasons – including Bryant’s respect for teammate Andrew Bynum – the odds of Bryant picking up the phone and calling are remote. Bryant would welcome Howard as a teammate, sources say, but he’s shown no inclination to be part of a process of trying to convince him to come.

When they spoke several months ago about the possibility of Dwight Howard coming to the Lakers in a trade, Bryant and Howard pictured the center’s role through far different prisms. Howard wanted an offense to play through him far more often than not, and Bryant imagined the NBA’s best defender protecting the rim, rebounding and scoring as an offensive option beyond Bryant and Pau Gasol. The call ended uneasily, and sources say they haven’t had a meaningful conversation since then.

Howard has always wanted to play with a great point guard…

Dwight Howard wants Magic to trade him again

Monday, July 2nd, 2012


Yeah, he’s bitching again.

Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard wants his team to trade him, again. And he told Yahoo! Sports he will not re-sign with a team outside his preferred list that trades for him, and emphatically denied that he ever used the term “blackmail” to describe how Magic officials convinced him to waive his early termination option.

As the Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets and other teams prepare possible trade offers for him, Howard told Yahoo! by phone that, “There’s only one team on my list and if I don’t get traded there, I’ll play the season out and explore my free agency after that.”

Howard wouldn’t specify the team, but multiple league sources believe that it is the Brooklyn Nets. Howard also denied an ESPN report that he had told people Orlando Magic officials had “blackmailed” him into forgoing the early termination option on his contract that ultimately cost him his free agency this summer.

“I never used the word blackmail in reference to any of my dealings with the Magic,” Howard said. “I never said that. It’s defamatory and it’s inaccurate. I know what blackmail means and any report that I used the term incorrectly is inaccurate.”

Howard met with new Magic general manager Rob Hennigan…

Dwight Howard – Stan Van Gundy drama continues

Monday, April 9th, 2012


And by the looks of things, the Magic seem intent to have this stick til’ the end of the season.

Ah yes, the Orlando Magic have been in the middle of controversy even before the 2011-12 NBA basketball season began. The Magic have won 255 of the 384 regular-season games they have played with Stan Van Gundy as their coach. But perhaps none of those wins came at a better time than Saturday’s victory over the Philadelphia 76ers.

The victory at least temporarily took the edge off the controversy that Stan Van Gundy ignited on Thursday, when, in response to a direct question, he said he knows Dwight Howard wants him fired. Van Gundy’s disclosure fueled speculation that he had lost his players’ backing and would be dismissed soon. That conjecture grew Thursday night after the Magic lost their fifth consecutive game.

But General Manager Otis Smith continues to support Stan Van Gundy. At halftime Saturday night, with the Magic trailing the Sixers 45-37 after a disastrous second quarter, Smith reiterated what he had been saying since Thursday afternoon. Smith said “there won’t be” any coaching change this season.

“We’re going to have to go through the season as we planned at the beginning of the season, and we’ll evaluate everything at the end of the year,” Smith said. “Stan is the coach and has done a good job at coaching our team, and we would like to see where his team goes from there.”

On the surface, Smith’s stance sounded like public-relations posturing…

Dwight Howard wants Stan Van Gundy fired

Friday, April 6th, 2012


That is the rumor circulating around Orlando these days.

Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy said Thursday he has been told by high-ranking team officials that star center Dwight Howard has previously asked that he be fired this 2011-12 NBA basketball season.

I know he has,” Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy told reporters after the team’s morning shootaround ahead of Thursday night’s matchup with the New York Knicks. “That’s just the way it is. Again, I’ve been dealing with that all year. It’s not anything real bothersome. You go out and do your job.”

The stay-or-go drama surrounding Dwight Howard has haunted the Orlando Magic all season. After securing Howard’s services for at least another season at the trade deadline last month, Thursday brought the latest wrinkle to the saga. Howard has denied reports that he has asked for Van Gundy’s dismissal. He again denied it Thursday.

Whatever happens at the end of the season is not under my control,” Dwight Howard told reporters. “I am a player for the Magic. I am not the GM. I am not (owner) Rich DeVos I am not (Magic CEO) Alex Martins. So that’s not my job. So you guys should stop, every other week, trying to find something, because there’s nothing.”

I haven’t said anything to anybody about anything. Our main concern is winning. So all the other stuff should stop.”

Asked how he was sure of a report that has been…

What if the Magic decides not to trade Dwight Howard?

Monday, March 12th, 2012


Now that would make a very boring Thursday when the NBA trading hits, that’s for sure.

Yes, the NBA trading deadline is fast approaching and by the looks of things, it seems most of the teams in the league are waiting it out for the 2012 NBA basketball season to be over before they make some moves in the summer.

With only days remaining before the NBA trading deadline, the question on everybody’s mind is will the Orlando Magic move Dwight Howard or will the Magic just keep him around and gamble on their All-Star center making the decision to stay with the team.

When Dwight Howard’s request to be traded became public in mid-December, most people within NBA circles felt certain that the Orlando Magic would trade him. Doing anything else seemed like too much of a risk. If Howard signs with a new team in July, he could leave his old team with no compensation.

Now, however, the Magic are considering keeping Howard beyond Thursday’s 3 p.m. NBA trade deadline. It would be an enormously high-risk strategy that also could bring an even bigger reward if Howard re-signs this summer.

“The day you trade him, the one thing you’re ensuring is he’s gone for sure,” said ESPN’s Tom Penn, a former vice president of basketball operations for the Portland Trail Blazers and former assistant general manager for the Memphis Grizzlies.

“If you keep him in the fold, particularly if he’s telling you it’s a…”

Will the Orlando Magic really trade Dwight Howard?

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Another dominant big man wants out of Orlando.

Despite having the third-best record in the east this 2011-12 NBA basketball season, the Orlando Magic are still full of uncertainty.

In case you haven’t been following the Magic this year, Dwight Howard has somehow kept them playing well, despite making it clear that he wants out of town. With the trade deadline coming up Thursday, the decision about where Howard will play for the rest of the 2012 season will be made very soon.

Although just a few weeks ago it seemed like a foregone conclusion that Howard would be traded, things have changed recently.

Now the Orlando Magic seem more inclined to try to make things work with Howard and keep him in Orlando. Their hope is that Howard can get them a championship or close to one this season and that he’ll have a change of heart that will cause him to re-sign with them this summer.

But could it be possible that the Magic have different intentions? By appearing as though they have no interest in trading Howard, the Magic could make some desperate team offer a little more to get him. The Magic could then change their minds and enjoy the benefits of a lopsided trade.

Regardless of what happens with Howard, Orlando likely has…

Which team will Dwight Howard be likely traded to?

Friday, March 9th, 2012


Yes, it’s all about Dwight Howard as we approach the trade deadline.

Yes, the trade deadline is approaching and we will find out how the Dwight Howard saga will turn out this 2012 NBA basketball season. Will he stay in Orlando or will he follow the Shaq route and let Magic fans see yet another dominant big man leave town?

For what it’s worth, Dwight Howard has a ton of options. There are a lot of teams out there more than willing to take him in. So which of the teams in the league will be a good destination for Howard? Let’s start with probably the best one. The Mavs.

The Dallas Mavericks could be the best team for Howard to go. The defending champions lost Tyson Chandler to the New York Knicks before the season started, and they could still use a high quality starting center. Howard would provide that for them and he would also have less responsibility as he would be playing with a good team that has more than one star player.

We also have the Los Angeles Lakers. If Howard is really serious in this following in Shaq’s footsteps stuff, a move from Orlando to Los Angeles is obvious. Heck, he already stole the Superman moniker so teaming up with Kobe Bryant in Tinseltown is the next move in his quest to mimic Shaq’s career.

But for some reason, the odds-on favorite to land Dwight Howard is…

Dwight Howard to the New York Knicks?

Monday, February 27th, 2012

It could happen sooner than you think.

In case you didn’t know, Dwight Howard has been asking the Orlando Magic to trade him this 2011-12 NBA basketball season and, perhaps going the Shaq route, he prefers a move that will land him in Los Angeles.

Yes, the Lakers is one of the teams Dwight Howard would love to play for, along with the Dallas Mavericks and the New Jersey Nets. His list of preferred teams hasn’t changed beyond that.

Of course, that doesn’t mean others teams won’t make inquiries about trading for him. And as far as that is concerned, the New York Knicks may be first in line.

”I’m positive the Knicks have called just in case Dwight changes up,” an Eastern Conference GM told the New York Post. ”I’m sure they’ve offered a combination of everybody, excluding Jeremy Lin, of course. (Magic GM) Otis (Smith) deserves a lot of credit for not putting it out on the street which teams have offered what.”

Those combinations almost certainly include center Tyson Chandler. There have already been rumored discussions between the Orlando Magic and the New York Knicks about a Chandler – Amare Stoudemire package for Howard, and The Post wonders if Orlando would be amenable to a Chandler-Carmelo Anthony offer.

Rookie guard Iman Shumpert could also be included, according to…



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