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Las Vegas lose big time if the NY Giants win

Thursday, January 26th, 2012


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine who Las Vegas oddsmakers are rooting for.

Apparently, some people were not betting on the New York Giants to turn it around this year and get to Super Bowl XLVI against the New England Patriots.

Yup, a number of sportsbooks in Las Vegas on the New York Giants winning the Super Bowl at long odds earlier into the season when the Giants were struggling. They were struggling so bad that there were odds as high as 80-to-1.

Jimmy Vaccaro, head of the Lucky’s Race and Sports Book, said in an interview this week that while he took only a few bets that could reap big payoffs for a Giants victory over the New England Patriots, he had heard from other oddsmakers who are at significantly greater risk.

”They got hit pretty hard at the high number,” Vaccaro said. ”If the Giants win this game, it could do some damage out here, there is no doubt. A lot of guys were rooting for San Francisco on Sunday, I can tell you that.”

The concern from oddsmakers has little to do with bettors wagering on the actual game, some say this game may break the Nevada record of $94 million bet on the 2006 Super Bowl between Pittsburgh and Seattle. Rather, the fear is based on what is known as futures betting.

Essentially, futures are the odds that sports books offer…

Who will win the 2009 NASCAR Sprint Cup Shelby 427 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway this Sunday?

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

At least for one Sunday afternoon, Las Vegas won’t be about gambling.

Then again, we all know sports gamblers will still be betting on this race anyway. And since it’s still a free-for-all in these early stages of the 2009 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, betting on these races and cashing in with an underdog should still be a breeze.

The 2009 NASCAR Sprint Cup Shelby 427 this Sunday is one of the most exciting stops on the NASCAR schedule since it’s just a few miles north of The Strip and the Las Vegas Motor Speedway sits like a diamond in the desert.

Fifty-one teams have filed entries for this year’s event, that’s the second-most Shelby 427entries ever for a Sprint Cup race at the Las Vegas Motor Spedway. The most entries happened during the 2007 season, when a whopping 53 entires were filed.

Every former Cup winner at Las Vegas entered, including 2002 race winner Sterling Marlin, who did not attempt to qualify last year. Six Sprint Cup Series champions also are in the field.

This race has a history of multiple winners, as Jimmie Johnson, Matt Kenseth and Jeff Burton have repeated as champions in Las Vegas. Johnson won three consecutive races (2005-07), while Kenseth (2003-04) and Burton (1999-2000)…

BYU blocks UCLA for 17-16 win at Las Vegas Bowl

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

seth-edward-oneal.jpgViva Las Vegas! Viva Las Vegas! (Or something like that…)

Yep, those college kids came to Las Vegas while their moms probably were hoping their kids went there to watch the football game between the UCLA Bruins and the BYU Cougars, staying away from all those blackjack tables and slot machines.

Oh yes, the UCLA Bruins played the Brigham Young Cougars in the 2007 Las Vegas Bowl at the Sam Boyd Stadium. Of course, those college kids I mentioned probably gambled at them casinos still. He he…

The Brigham Young Cougars were looking to extend a nine-game winning streak when they went up against the stumbling UCLA Bruins. Considered as one of the nation’s most balanced teams, the Brigham Young Cougars posted 458 yards of total offense per game under new quarterback Max Hall, compared to the 465 it averaged during John Beck’s final campaign.

In the end, all it took was a blocked field goal attempt to extend their dominance over these bowl games in the Sin City. After Brigham Young’s defense allowed UCLA to drive 87 yards in the final two minutes, Eathyn Manumaleuna saved the Cougars with his fingertip.

Manumaleuna got his right hand on…

Former NBA Referee Tim Donaghy is excited to bet on the proposed NBA basketball team in Las Vegas

Saturday, July 28th, 2007

Maybe he is, if it will let him bet on the new Las Vegas NBA team in the gambling capital of the world.

He he… Yep, we’re still talking about that NBA referee who bets on the NBA games he officiates in. For all ya’ll who have been living under a rock lately, NBA referee Tim Donaghy is under investigation by the FBI for betting on the games he officiates. Yep, the bastard is calling fouls to cover the fucking spread.

Now, with the NBA’s latest and by far, BIGGEST scandal yet, Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman is confident that the issue won’t hurt the city’s bid for an NBA basketball team whatsoever.

Get this, mayor Goodman even thinks that this issue will even strengthen Las Vegas’ goal to have its own NBA team. He he… It’s Las Vegas folks. Everybody gets weird whenever lots and lots of money are involved.

Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman said, ”I think that there’s going to be a public recognition that Las Vegas does monitor this kind of alleged activity. I don’t want anyone’s bad fortune to cause us good fortune, but I think it will cause people to look at Las Vegas in a light perhaps differently than they do, because we do in fact regulate this kind of activity.”

Does that also mean NBA referee Tim Donaghy can…

Las Vegas looking to get in the MLS soccer craze?

Saturday, June 23rd, 2007

seth-edward-oneal.jpgIf there’s really one anyway.

With Spanish La Liga and English Premiership stars like David Beckham joining the MLS soccer league in the United States, the thought of having one MLS team in Las Vegas are just driving some Vegas locals crazy.

A thread in one major soccer website entitled, ”Las Vegas MLS plan ($35 Million on the Table)” became one of the most popular threads in the said soccer website. It drew 386 posts and attracted around 16,000 views, all probably coming from people living in Las Vegas.

”The city is twice the size of Salt Lake City, and it’s expected to pass Denver by 2010,” writes monster (obviously NOT his real name…) from Hanover, Pa. ”That’s not counting tourists. It’s not a slam dunk, but it’s not dire, either.”

Apparently, Las Vegas locals have been longing for one MLS soccer team in their hometown that they already have nicknames for the new club. Some of the nicknames being tossed around include FC Vegas, Red Devils, Las Vegas Aces (ewww…) and my personal favorite, Sin City FC.

Others even have designs for the Las Vegas soccer team’s uniform. Of course, there were also some…

Jimmie Johnson wins NASCAR jackpot in Las Vegas

Monday, March 12th, 2007

Yep, it’s Jimmie Johnson again, winning his THIRD straight Nextel Cup race at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Hmm… I wonder if the guy is just as good with Las Vegas casinos? Winning three straight in Las Vegas sure is something especially if you can win that easy in, say… baccarat or poker tables in Sin City.

The defending NASCAR Nextel Cup series champion, Jimmie Johnson, saw the checkered flag for the third straight time at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, beating teammate Jeff Gordon in the process.

jimmie_johnson.jpgThat’s despite all the troubles Jimmie Johnson and his pit crew endured throughout the race. Oh yeah, Johnson’s problems on the track was all thanks to the changes its stupid owner, Bruton Smith, made. That’s including an increase in the banking from 12 degrees to 20 and a ridiculously curved pit lane that makes a nude Britney Spears, all of a sudden, look normal.

Well, for what it’s worth, Johnson’s Hendrick teammate, Jeff Gordon, should’ve won this one. Hell, he virtually dominated the race, leading it after 111 laps. If he only stayed on the track and not take the stupid pit stop he…

This year’s March Madness Bracket Battles have no love for Las Vegas or their beloved Nevada Wolfpack

Sunday, March 4th, 2007

Have you ever wondered what happens to NCAA College Basketball teams who don’t have any potential opponents wanting to play them?

Yep, that’s the dilemma the Nevada Wolfpack are in the past few years. NOBODY wants to play them, imagine that. No NCAA College Basketball team is willing to make that trip to Las Vegas and play the Nevada Wolfpack.

How come? Do these guys have a problem or something earning butt-loads of cash with slot machines and roulette tables in Nevada? Are these guys just plain scared of the Nevada Wolfpack?

Um… NO. The only problem here is, the Wolfpack has never really been that of a media darling, therefore, ESPN don’t cover their games and as a result, there’s no media exposure playing the Wolfpack.

Oh yeah, perhaps the only reason we’re looking for here is, playing the Nevada Wolfpack won’t be profitable.

Nevada Wolfpack head coach Mark Fox said that he couldn’t even get a pair of Big East conference teams to bite on a game in their own arena, with no return trip to Reno.

”Scheduling has been an absolute nightmare for us,” coach Fox said in an interview in his office two weeks ago. ”It’s been, by far, the hardest thing we’ve done. Harder than recruiting, harder than anything. We haven’t been the media darlings, we don’t have ESPN calling us for marquee match-ups.”

THAT means, even if they have a…

The Gladiators of Las Vegas, when not gambling with slot machines, prepare for AFL Football

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

Yep, Las Vegas actually has something other than gambling.

Las Vegas, the very place dubbed ”sin city,” has the Gladiators to root for as the brand new AFL Football kicks off.

But wait, if Las Vegas locals begin to bet on their Gladiators in the Arena Football League games this year, (which they WILL sooner or later…) it wouldn’t be any different to all them slots and baccarat tables in Vegas now is it? Oh well, Vegas will always be Vegas I guess.

And yeah, the Las Vegas Gladiators are preparing for the coming AFL Football war on their mid-sized battlefield indoors. And by the looks of things, a king could very well be leading the Las Vegas kingdom towards gridiron glory.

lasvegas_gladiators.jpgShaun King, the 6’1”, 215-pound quarterback from Tulane, will be playing his very first AFL Football season after leaving the NFL. He’s adapting quickly to the style of play in the AFL but was forced to watch for the first couple days of practice due to an ankle sprain on the first day of camp. King has played in the NFL for the Indianapolis Colts, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Arizona Cardinals.

”Shaun has started to understand the speed and reads of the game. His early ankle sprain has slowed down his progression,” said Las Vegas Gladiators head coach Danton Barto. ”But I am excited to see his progression.”

However, as exciting as King’s…

From Las Vegas to New Orleans, the 2008 NBA All Star Game is coming like one bad ass Hurricane

Monday, February 19th, 2007

Yep, it seems New Orleans is where you wanna’ be come 2008.

Fresh from the bright lights of the Las Vegas strip, the NBA will bring its ”Mid-Season Classic” to the very city the Saints NFL Football team virtually put back on the map a few months ago, New Orleans.

You read it right, the 2008 NBA All Star game is headed for New Orleans next season. For all ya’ll who didn’t know, the city of New Orleans has been going most of the past two years without pro basketball. Well, next season, the Hornets will return and along with Chris Paul and his crew comes the NBA’s annual spectacle of superstars.

2008_allstargame.jpgFor those questioning whether the city will be prepared for the NBA’s signature event, this week might be instructive.

”If we’re ready for Mardi Gras, then we’re ready for the NBA All-Star Game,” said Mary Beth Romig, communications director of the New Orleans Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The game will come in the midst of a hectic two-month run for the city, with Mardi Gras squeezed among the Sugar Bowl, college football’s national championship game and the NBA All-Star game. And given the…

From Las Vegas gambling to BunnyRanch prostitution

Sunday, February 18th, 2007

Tired of the same old ”gamble your life savings away” thing in Las Vegas?

Well, there’s this ”alternative” you’ll definitely dig. Apparently, somewhere deep in the outskirts of all these gambling activities, there lies a brothel that takes advantage of Nevada’s legalized prostitution crap.

Yep, apparently, prostitution is legal at the Moonlite BunnyRanch brothel and owner, or should I say, ”King Pimp,” Dennis Hof is having, ”a lot of fun” in Nevada for sure.

Heck, if he was able to pull this off, then Hugh Hefner ain’t got shit on this dawg. This guy even has his own HBO series for crying out loud, entitled ”Cathouse,” featuring Dennis Hof’s beloved brothel where countless hot whores call home.

Oh yeah, Dennis Hof found his ”wife” there too.

Dennis and his ”bunnies” will be flying into NYC to do some major media concerning the next season of Cathouse, including many radio stations on The Sirius Network, like Eminem’s Show, Shade 45, Alex Bennette, Rude Jude, Derek & Romaine and The Howard Stern Show.

It is Dennis Hof’s goal to see prostitution become a major economic force in society’s mainstream, if you can imagine that. He’d like to help sanitize the sleazy ”street corner hooker” image. He foresees a coming cultural atmosphere in which those seeking female companionship can easily find a safe, legal place to get laid.

”The BunnyRanch is an example of how sex-for-sale is going to be in America within the next 30 years,” Dennis Hof said. He tells his girls…



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