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Mark Webber determined to break F1 records

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Yeah, before he hangs up his racing gloves for good that is.

Mark Webber is determined to improve his statistics before he retires in order to cement his Formula One legacy.

The Australian has already won twice this 2012 F1 season to take his total wins tally to nine, which puts him 33rd on the list of all-time grand prix winners and ahead of former World Champions like John Surtees and Keke Rosberg.

Although the major thing missing from CV remains a World Title, the 35-year-old is eager to chip away at the records before he hangs up his F1 gloves. When asked by Autosport if he felt a compulsion to win more before retiring, Mark Webber replied: “It’s human nature to always want more.”

“You never think you have more wins than some World Champions, but that’s the way it is.”

”Would you have one win and one World TItle? Well, probably yes, but I have nine wins and of course I want to get more wins, and let’s see what happens with the big stuff later on.”

“Ultimately, I’ve been very proud of what I’ve achieved – you always want more, that’s normal. When I left Australia to have what I would call a reasonable career in Formula One, that was something which wasn’t a guarantee when I left, so I think I’ve got what I deserved.”

“I’ve chipped away and boxed at it, we’ve had some…”

Red Bull bullshits Mark Webber again

Monday, February 13th, 2012



And to think that the 2012 F1 season hasn’t even started yet.

Yes, Red Bull is, just like any other year, making public statements how they will give their No.2 driver, Mark Webber, equal opportunities to win the drivers’ championship with Sebastian Vettel.

Everybody knows Red Bull has been all about Sebastian Vettel, and that is proven further after the young German sensation won his second straight drivers’ championship last season.

This year, everybody is back in square one. And despite the fact that Sebastian Vettel has emerged, without a shadow of a doubt, to be the main guy in Red Bull, the team says Mark Webber will be given an equal opportunity to win his first world championship.

Webber led Red Bull’s charge in 2010 before losing out to Vettel at the final hurdle. It was to be the first of the German’s Drivers’ crowns as he stormed to victory last season becoming the sport’s youngest back-to-back World Champ.

In sharp contrast, Webber’s challenge went off the boil…

Mark Webber, not giving up on the 2011 F1 Title

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Yes, he’s silly.

While admitting it will take a “phenomenal effort” to catch his Red Bull teammate Sebastian Vettel this 2011 F1 season, Mark Webber certainly hasn’t given up trying.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, Sebastian Vettel has dominated all before him this season, winning six of the eight races thus far, a performance that has seen him open an 87-point gap on Webber and McLaren’s Jenson Button.

Thus leading Mark Webber to admit that the position he finds himself in is a strange one. “It is amazing to be a little bit disappointed sitting second in the Drivers’ Championship,” he said. “It probably hasn’t gone completely as I would have liked but it is a fine line isn’t it?”

“Seb is obviously on a phenomenal run, which has made it hard for all the rest of us. There is only one guy that is really wrapped with his season up to now and that is Seb.”

Despite Vettel’s superior showing, Webber is still hopeful of clipping the wings of his Red Bull teammate, starting at this weekend’s British GP where Webber triumphed last time out.

“He (Vettel) can be caught,” insisted the determined Australian. “But he can also go on a roll again after he is caught. For someone to outscore him by 80 points will be a phenomenal effort. So you have got to keep boxing and hang in there. Someone has got to get on a roll with some victories themselves.”

Webber’s future at Red Bull has been the subject of…

Mark Webber happy about Sebastian Vettel losing

Monday, April 18th, 2011

seth-edward-oneal.jpgYikes. Looks like the rivalry between these two is on a whole different level.

Mark Webber may not have won the Chinese GP, well, he hasn’t won anythng really this 2011 F1 season. However, he was one of the happiest guys around as his teammate Sebastian Vettel also didn’t win.

The young Sebastian Vettel claimed dominant wins in Australia and Malaysia prompting some to question whether F1 should just gift him the title right now. After taking pole in China, it appeared as if it was going to be another Vettel victory.

However, the German lost out to McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton, who used his fresher rubber to pass the reigning World Champ on lap 52, taking the win. Surprisingly, the man who was happy to see Vettel lose was his own Red Bull teammate.

”Congratulations to Lewis. It was good that someone finally… of course Seb is in the same team, but he’s been on a phenomenal run and we’re all here together fighting for victories,” Mark Webber said.

”Shame McLaren won in a way, but also we can’t let Seb get too far away. It was a good day for the racing, I think, and a good day for us in terms of points for the team.”

The Red Bull driver fought back from a dismal P18 in qualifying to finish on the podium, slicing past the Ferraris, Nico Rosberg and Jenson Button in the final ten laps thanks to his newer tires.

”It was an interesting GP, we decided to start on the prime hard tyre. We know it was…”

Can Fernando Alonso overtake Mark Webber in Korea?

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Yes, the Korean GP is on this weekend.

And since we all know that we only have three races to go before the 2010 F1 season closes, the contenders for the championship will go all out and drive the heck out of that F1 machine.

As of this writing Mark Webber leads the championship race with 220 points. Unfortunately for him, the rest of the field still has more than enough time to stage an uprising, starting with a man who has garnered some momentum heading to the final stretch of the season.

That man is Fernando Alonso. Give him a fast car and he’ll give you the results. Having been written off mid-season, he has bounced back strongly with a trio of victories at Hockenheim, Monza and Singapore. His podium position in Japan was the best damage limitation that he could have done and keeps his championship hopes real and alive.

As of this writing, he has 206 championship points, good for second best and within striking distance of Webber. We may well see him flourish at the next round in Korea; given that no one really knows the brand-new track and driver feedback could well play into his hands. The man in the Scarlet overalls wears his heart on his sleeves and is one of the more emotional drivers on the grid.

He also holds one vital advantage over the likes of Webber, Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button and that’s the fact that he doesn’t have to compete with his teammate Felipe Massa, at least until the season is over as Ferrari has made it clear that they are fully behind Alonso for the title.

Drives like the one he showed at Monaco and Hungary have…

Mark Webber is determined to win the F1 Singapore GP

Friday, September 24th, 2010

seth-edward-oneal.jpgMark Webber has no intention of committing Formula One suicide and taking his foot off the gas this weekend.

With five races remaining in the 2010 F1 season, there is no margin for error amongst the five title contenders who are separated by just 24 points ahead of this weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix.

In Italy 11 days ago Lewis Hamilton adopted what appeared to be an overly-aggressive approach that cost him his Championship lead to Webber as the 25-year-old crashed out on the opening lap.

Hamilton demonstrated there is a fine line between going for broke and playing it safe, one he, Mark Webber and the other three title hopefuls in Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel must tread. From Webber’s personal perspective, the Australian knows he cannot afford to rest on any laurels and pick up comfortable points, and at the same time hope his rivals endure difficulties.

“I’m not treating this like a normal race, but I’m not far off it,” said Webber. “We know non-finishes are not part of the menu, so we need to make sure we don’t do that and I need to keep scoring.”

“It’s absolutely as boring as anything but that’s what it is about, getting as many points as I can, to keep chipping away. Winning makes a difference and that’s what our goal is, to try and do that here.”

“It’s completely suicidal to sit back and say ‘okay, I can pick up fifth and sixth.’ That’s not good enough. We know in Monza, those kind of races, well particularly the race I had (finishing sixth,) wasn’t what we want to do for the rest of the year.”

“We’re looking forward to some podiums in the future, and…

Can Mark Webber and Red Bull keep their lead in F1?

Monday, August 16th, 2010

I’m rooting for exactly that.

Red Bull’s Mark Webber blitzed to victory at a nail-biting finish at the Hungarian Grand Prix to take a four point lead in the driver’s championship heading to the mid season break of the 2010 F1 season. The Aussie took over from Lewis Hamilton after dominating Sunday’s Hungarian Grand Prix in Budapest.

Sebastian Vettel, the guy who took the wings of Mark Webber, much to his dismay of course, maintained an early lead from pole position. Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso, meanwhile, was providing a tough challenge for Webber.

A few laps after the Australian took advantage of Vettel’s drive through penalty and held out for a pit stop as he built a lead over Alonso. The strategy ultimately paid dividends with the 33-year-old claiming the first place in Hungary. He is now atop the standings in the driver’s seat.

Alonso’s ferocious pursuit earned him second place, while Vettel finished third. Russian Vitaly Petrov finished 5th just behind Ferrari’s Felipe Massa – the best achievement for the Renault driver this season.

“It was a bit of a gift, but I’ve not had many of them, so I’ll take it. It’s an incredible day for us. It’s nice to have more points than anybody else, but we’re not getting ahead of ourselves as there are some big events coming up,” Webber said.

Just 20 points now separate the top five drivers…

Mark Webber leads the F1 Drivers’ Championship

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

And rightfully so.

Yep, Mark Webber, the guy who was stripped of the wings of his car in favor of his younger teammate, Sebastian Vettel, and the same guy who his team thought should play second fiddle to Vettel, the guy they think is the future of Red Bull Racing, actually leads the drivers’ championship at this point of the 2010 F1 season.

How’s that for poetic justice eh?

After all his trials and tribulations earlier this year, Mark Webber was delighted to have the Hungarian Grand Prix race victory gift-wrapped for him on Sunday.

The Australian started on the front row of the grid with team-mate Sebastian Vettel, but things went horribly wrong at the start and he dropped to P3 behind Fernando Alonso.

His mood worsened on lap 17 when the Safety Car was deployed and he failed to make his mandatory stop when everyone else made their way to the pits.

However, it turned out to be a stroke of good fortune for him as he was able to stay out much longer and build a big gap over second-place Alonso. When he eventually made his stop on lap 43 he had a big enough lead to come out ahead of the Ferrari driver.

“The start we always knew was going to be a bit tricky on that side,” Webber said.

“I knew once I’d got the primes on and these guys had already done 20-odd laps; it was in the bag. It was a bit of a gift for me – but I haven’t had many of them. An incredible day for the team. One-two was our goal but we were unfortunate not to get that.”

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner says they decided to…

Mark Webber pleads to F1 not to punish Spain

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

seth-edward-oneal.jpgIn case you’ve been living under a rock lately, Spain had more than a few racist remarks directed at Lewis Hamilton a few weeks ago.

As a result, the FIA, along with F1 stakeholders, will be launching this ”Racing Against Racism” campaign this 2008 F1 season. However, as it turns out, the FIA is not stopping there.

After some Spanish fans lashed out some racist remarks directed towards Lewis Hamilton during testing at the Montmelo circuit in Barcelona, the FIA is threatening to have some sanctions against the country.

FIA President Max Mosley is even threatening to pull out the Spanish Grand Prix if Spanish organizers do not do something about the racial incident.

Rising F1 star and Red Bull driver, Mark Webber, on the other hand, believes that punishing the country won’t resolve anything.

”If we are professional and organized, that stuff just doesn’t get to the front line,” Mark Webber said. ”The individuals need to be punished but to take it out on the…”

Webber closes the gap on Alonso with British GP win

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

Now it gets interesting.

In case you missed the last race of the 2012 F1 season, Mark Webber won in Silverstone to close the gap on Fernando Alonso in the drivers’ championship standings.

However, Mark Webber insists he’s not getting “too fired up” about the Championship despite closing the gap with his British GP victory. Webber became only the second repeat winner for this season when he overtook Fernando Alonso five laps from the end to take the chequered flag at the Silverstone circuit.

His triumph cemented the Aussie’s place as a title contender as the seven points he secured put him just 13 behind Fernando Alonso in the Drivers’ standings.

“I am not low on confidence at the moment, it is going well,” Webber said. “We will enjoy today’s result, really soak it up, that is what is important. We have to remember how hard we have to work to get these results and tomorrow morning it’s Hockenheim.”

“That is what it has to be about and it is a long, long season and I am not getting too fired up with any particular Championship positions at the moment.”

“What is for sure is I have a nice haul of points to keep going with – I am not sitting on 20 points trying to start my campaign.”

As for his race on Sunday, Webber was delighted after the…



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